Chilean and grown in a drummer-family, Andrés Silva started his musical formation influenced by his uncle Antonio "Toño" Silva, at age 12. His versatility and talent has turned him into one of the most required Chilean drummers, participating in tours and recordings. He has toured throughout Latin America, North America, Oceania and Europe in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, France, Norway, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Estonia, Australia, United States, Canada and Sweden. Throughout his career, he has done numerous jobs as drummer, musical producer and musical director. He has worked with different artists like: Quique Neira, Douglas , Javiera Mena, María José Quintanilla, María Jimena Pereyra, Dj Méndez, Gloria Simonetti, Zaturno, La Pozze Latina, Mistysa, Sangre de Toro and many others.

Andrés currently lives in Nashville, TN, (USA) and is working in musical production, recording as a session player and playing live shows with different artists from the local scene.


  • Drums and Music Theory at the Souza Lima Conservatory with Professor Carlos Ezequiel. 2003, São Paulo - Brazil.

  • Sound Technology at the Vicente Pérez Rosales University. 1996-1999, Santiago - Chile.

  • Drums and Theory at the Academy of Musical Studies of Professor Carlos Figueroa López. 1993-1998, Santiago - Chile.


  • Drum Technique with Maestro Gustavo Pastene. 2008, Santiago- Chile.

  • Brazilian Percussion with Maestro Tatá. 2003, São Paulo - Brazil.

  • Drums and Theory with Maestro Toño Silva. 1990-1992, Santiago-Chile..


  • Sangre De Toro I 2012- Currently I Blues-Rock

  • Pulsares I 2010-2012 I Pop-Rock

  • Bourbon Band I 2007 I Blues

  • Mangosta I 2001-Currently I Covers Funk,Rock,Pop,Etc.

  • Intermezzo I 1998-2000 I Orquesta Eventos

  • Damas y Vagabundos I 1997 I Pop-Rock

  • Metrópolis I 1996 I Covers y Orquesta Eventos

  • Millantún I 1995-2004 I Covers y Orquesta

  • Dynamo I 1995-1997 I Pop-Rock

  • Martinho I 1994 y 2006 I Bossa-Samba

  • La Calle I 1994-2003 I Covers 70’s-80’s

  • Tarifa Nocturna I 1992-1993 I Rock .


  • Hobo-Cane 2021-Currently I Pop-Rock

  • Zaturno I 2015-Currently I Hip-Hop

  • Luis Jara I 2013-2014 I Balad-Pop

  • La Pozze Latina I 2012-2016I Hip-Hop

  • Jimmy Fernandez I 2012-2016 I Pop

  • Quique Neira I 2011-2013 I Reggae

  • Lucía Covarrubias I 2010-2011 I Pop

  • Gloria Simonetti I 2009-2013 I Balad-Pop

  • Rodrigo Aray I 2009- Currently I Pop

  • Javiera Mena I 2008-2009 I Electro Pop-Dance

  • María José Quintanilla I 2007-2011 I Pop- Mexican Music

  • Zalo Reyes I 2006 I Balad-Pop

  • Delisse I 2006-2017 I Pop-Rock

  • PPesanervios I 2006 I Rock

  • Dj Méndez I 2005-2006 I Hip-Hop-Pop

  • Mistysa I 2005-Currently I Soul-R&B-Pop

  • Carolina Soto I 2005-2006 I Balad-Pop

  • Yei I 2005-2006 I R&B-Hip-Hop

  • Leandro Martínez I 2004 I Pop

  • Daniela Castillo I 2004-2005 I Pop

  • Monserrat Bustamante I 2004 I Pop

  • Mario Guerrero I 2004 I Balad-Pop

  • María Jimena Pereyra I 2004-2019 I Pop-Rock

  • Catalina Bono I 2003 I Pop

  • Daniel Guerrero I 2002-2010 I Balad-Pop

  • Douglas I 2002- Currently I Balad-Pop

  • Valija Diplomática I 1997 I Pop-Rock

  • Fernando de Jesús I 1997 I Balad-Pop


  • Dichato Festival 2020 (Chile) Live Broadcast with Douglas.

  • Lollapalooza Festival 2019 Chile) with Zaturno

  • Tierra Amarilla Festival (Chile) Live Broadcast 2015 with Douglas.

  • Argentina Tour 2014 with Sangre de Toro.

  • Latinoamerica Tour 2013 (Colombia- Chile) with Sangre de Toro

  • Latinoamerica Tour 2013 (Perú - Ecuador) with Quique Neira

  • Australia Tour 2013 with Quique Neira.

  • Canada Tour 2012 Tour with Mistysa.

  • France Tour 2011with Mistysa.

  • Europe Tour 2011.(Estonia-Austria –Holland-Finland- Norway- Sweden Bélgium) with Quique Neira.

  • Pampilla Festival 2009 (Chile) Live Broadcast with Maria José Quintanilla.

  • Ciudad Emergente Festival 2008 (Argentina) with Javiera Mena.

  • O Mapa de todos Festival 2008 (Brazil) with Javiera Mena.

  • Vive Latino Festival 2008, (Mexico) with Javiera Mena

  • Caupolican Teather Concert 2007 (Chile) with Daniel Guerrero.

  • France Tour 2007 with Mistysa.

  • Movistar Arena Concert Live Album Recording 2006 (Chile) with Zalo Reyes.

  • FNAC Tour 2005 (France) with Mistysa.

  • La Serena Festival Live Broadcast 2005 (Chile) with Dj Méndez.

  • Viña del Mar International Festival 2004 Live Broadcast (Chile) with Douglas.

  • TVN Live Concert Broadcast 2003 (Chile) with Douglas.